3 Reasons Why I Am Happy My Keurig Maker Died

Why I am Happy My Keurig Maker Died


About 5 years ago, I feel in love with the new Cuisinart Keurig Coffee Maker.  I just HAD to have it. It was so expensive I just put it on my wish list and hoped one day God would bless me with one.  So when Mother’s Day 2010 rolled around, my family bought me a brand new Cuisinart Keurig Coffee Maker.  I immediately was in love and so was the family.  We could make coffee, hot chocolate and hot tea all with the touch of a button. The cool factor of this thing was like coffee heaven.


Fast forward 5 years to March 2015…. My Keurig maker died.  It was such a sad day.  At first, I refused to be defeated. I researched it on the internet and tried everything possible.  I tried 4 times descaling the machine.  Even after all that, it continued to say descale and no water would come out.  BUT I still did not give up. I took the machine apart thinking I could find the problem.  Still, no help. After several weeks of trying different solutions and banging hard repeatedly on the machine, I had to finally admit my Keurig Maker had died.

This was such a sad time. Not only did I have to admit that my Keurig maker had died but I also had to accept the fact that I could not afford a new one.  Soooo, I settled into the facts and bought a normal every day coffee maker.  At first, I refused to enjoy the new coffee maker. It was just not a Keurig maker and I wanted mine back.  To be honest, if I could afford it, I would definitely buy a new Cuisinart Keurig Coffee Maker. But since it isn’t in the cards for me to own another one, I have accepted it and decided I would find the positive in the situation. So here is what I could come up with, 3 Reasons why I am happy my Keurig Maker died:

  1. Cost – This is the biggest reason I am happy my Keurig Maker died. With my Keurig, I used 2 pods per day/ 7 days a week. That was costing me around $45 per month just for pods.  Plus, I would buy tea pods and hot chocolate pods.  So I would easily spend $65-70 per month on Keurig pods.  Of course I would use coupons or catch sales when possible to reduce my cost.  Now I buy regular every day ground coffee and spend around $20 per month on coffee, hot chocolate and hot tea bags. To a person on a budget, that is a big savings in my grocery bill.


  1. Environmental There is much debate over the environmental friendliness of a Keurig maker.  Most people simply buy the normal pods and throw them away.  The pods themselves are made with plastic containing chemicals that, when heated, releases into our coffee and is not good for us.  There are several options around this though.  There are many reusable, environmentally friendly, “green” pods out there on the market.  Our landfills do not have to be filled up with these very cool little plastic pods. Also, I have seen many internet websites suggesting many uses for used Keurig pods to help save the environment.  I, for one, only used the normal Keurig pods and often felt guilty for my waste.  Before my Keurig maker died, I did start trying to make the transition to a reusable pod. This little thing would have also cut down on my cost because I could use regular ground coffee.


  1. Cleanliness My daughter tried to convince me that the Cuisinart Keurig Coffee Maker was not clean. I argued with her many times. She said, “But Mom, the water just sits in the container for days getting all gross and stuff.” I explained to her that that is what the filter is for, to make sure the water is clean. She didn’t believe my explanation.  Since that time, I have read many articles on how the Keurig Maker harbors mold and bacteria deep inside the maker itself. Now that is gross.  I imagine since my Keurig maker died and keeps saying descale after 4 tries, there must be something gross in there.  I have to admit that when I took the machine apart, even though I could not get completely inside the machine, what I did see was all clean tubes with no bacteria or mold.  If one cleans the Keurig maker per the company’s instructions, it should stay pretty clean but I cannot say that for sure.


While these are 3 excellent reasons why I am happy my Keurig Maker died, I still wished I could have my Cuisinart Keurig Maker back.  I will place it back onto my wish list and pray God blesses me with another one someday. Until that time, I will focus on the positive aspects of owning a normal coffee maker.



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Why I am happy my Keurig Maker died


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