3 Things We Need To Start Doing Again

Good old days

We are living in an age where most things are done on some sort of electronic device.  We have smartphones, PC/Macs, tablets, and laptops.  You can schedule, use calendars, take pictures, skype/facetime, communicate with others, email, access internet, and the list keeps going on and on.  I will be honest, I could not go 3 full hours without needing my iPhone for something.  If I lost my iPhone, I would be in soooo much trouble.  I do not know anyone’s phone number or address without the help of my iPhone.  In many, many ways, electronics have brought simplicity and organization to our lives.  I believe we are able to do more and multitask more due to these devices.

Even though there are hundreds of great things we can say about technology today, I think there is a few things that are getting forgotten.  “Back in the good ole days” there was more personalization in what we did.  It may have taken a little longer to get things done but there was often more meaning in what we did.  Here is a few things I think we should bring back:

  1. Snail Mail: The art of letter writing has definitely became an ancient thing. I remember as a child, if you received a letter in school or in the mail, you would save it.  I still have some letters my old friends wrote me. Today, if you want to speak to someone, you will text or email them from your phone real quick. If you want to add a little personalization, you will add an emoticon. I love getting things in the mail.  If I am expecting a package, I will stare out my window stalking the mailman until it arrives.  I thing we, for sure, need to bring back writing letters.  I tried to start a movement within my family over the last year.  I starting sending postcards and greeting cards to people.  Sadly, it didn’t go forward.  No one, not one, returned mail to me. Very sad. You cant save texts and emails for many years to one day share with your grandchildren.
  2. Cameras and taking pictures: I have boxes of photos in storage of when my girls were little.  They are begging to be organized and put into photo albums.  Every great once in a while someone will go through the photos and relive the memories.  In this day and age, you want to snap a picture, you whip out the trusty smartphone.  That is great because you can text that picture to everyone in your family within moments.  BUT, no one prints them.  Most probably don’t even save them. Sadly, in my photo boxes in storage, there are not as many pictures of my third child. We started using smartphones and stopped printing pictures.  Having pictures on a smartphone or computer just isn’t the same as putting your hands on a picture.
  3. Eating dinner without phones: Now days you hardly see a family or couple sitting down to a meal without some sort of technology going. We cant seem to take out time to eat from all the phone calls, texts and emails. We need to start getting back to real family time where dinner meant no phone calls, no texts, no technology.  How about just good old fashion talking to one another.


I am just as guilty as the next person on not doing these things.  I have to consciously remind myself to put down the iPhone for a while.  I would not ever want to go back to the days of no iPhone.  It has so improved my life.  As my children have gotten older and moved to different states, technology keeps me in close, daily contact with each of them.  I can do things with my iPhone I never could have done before .  I simply think we should keep our fabulous technology but bring back a few of the old ways as well.  It doesn’t cost much or take much time to do them.  By doing them, we can even strengthen our current relationships. If we don’t try bringing them back now, in a few generations no one will even know what they are. That would be very sad.


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