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I want to challenge you to go one day without complaining or using negative words.  That’s only a mere 24 hours of no complaining or using negative words.  But beware; it isn’t as simple as one would think.   Sometimes, we use negative words or complain without even realizing it.

Have you ever said something like, “Don’t touch that” or “I don’t like that” or “I can’t make that appointment”?  That is negativity.  You may not think those statements are harmful.  But, using negative words is allowing negativity in your life.  You limit yourself by using negative words.  Instead of using negative words to say what you don’t want, use positive words to express what you do want.  Instead of saying, “Don’t put your feet on the furniture” you could say “Let’s keep the furniture clean by placing our feet on the floor”.  We need to stop telling the world what we do not want by the use of negative words.  Use positive words to get what you do want.



Life is full of things that upset us.  It is up to us how we deal with those things.  When something goes wrong, don’t give that thing power.  We give power to the things we focus our attention on the most.  In every situation, there is something that you can be thankful for.  I promise you, when my husband and I divorced, I did not feel there was anything to be grateful for.  My whole world felt like it was ending.  It was a very sad time for me.  It was a very long and hard road.  One of the things that got me through it was trying to keep a positive attitude.  I started realizing that, while I had lost an 18 year marriage, I was very blessed.  I had 18 wonderful years with my husband.  I had 3 beautiful children from my marriage.  I had many fun memories, lots of laughs, and lots of lessons.  There were many things to be thankful for.  I decided to focus on the blessings I had received instead of the things I was losing.  It was up to me how to write my story.

Being 100% positive isn’t easy.  It is a daily practice.  I am still a work in progress, as are most of us.  Some days I fail.  But each new day is a second chance.  Today I challenge you.  For just 24 hours, reframe from complaining or using negative words. Use words like I can or I will instead of I can’t or I won’t.   If you encounter a negative or bad situation, try to focus on the blessings in it.  Learning to see positive things in every situation can change your whole world.  Give your life a positive light.  Good luck and happy thoughts.


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Daily Challenge


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