A Few of My Favorite Things

As you all know, my blog is about being happy.  Mostly positive thoughts, motivation and inspiration to help you in your journey.  I also feel there are more things in life to help us find happiness and smile.  Some of the things that make me smile is spending time with my children, cooking, DYI/Crafts, being with my friends/family, photography, etc….

After I moved to ND and became a SAHM, I found myself a Pinterest addict.  While my kids where spending the summer with their dad last year, I consumed myself with Pintrest projects. I wanted to share with you one of the fun DYI Crafts that I did not to long ago.

I found a super cute picture on Pinterest so I decided to try and recreate it.  This is the Picture……

A Few of My Favorite Things

Pinned from: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/251638697900376730/


Mine is not nearily as beautiful as this one.  In the future, I do intend to acquire the above one because it is so beautiful and very perfect for me.  But in the mean time, this is what I did….

A Few of My Favorite Things
A Few of My Favorite Things


I went to my local Thrift Store and bought the frame for $1.50. I painted the frame black with some paint I had around the house. Then I went to Hobby Lobby (with my 40% coupon that I printed from the internet.  They always have one on there at www.hobbylobby.com).  There I found the stickers I wanted to use.  I believe I bought a total of two packages but did not use all of the words in it. I simply cleaned the glass, then applied the stickers onto the front of the glass.  That was it.  Now my picture is ready to go. I realize my words are not exactly straight and isnt as pretty as the one from pinterest.  BUT, it isnt bad for a first try all on my own.

Whatever you love to do in life, do it.  Maybe its a hobby like crafts/dyi.  Maybe it is cooking new foods.  Whatever it is, do more of it.  Life was made to have fun, smile and enjoy.


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