Am I loosing my mind?

aFor the last year and a half, I was going though something that most people had no idea about. Even the four people I shared my issue with certainly had no idea the depth of my situation. I was very certain I was literally losing my mind.


Most of you know that I DO NOT go to the doctor. Ok, if I was dying or near death, yes I would go. But for most ailments, I do not find it necessary. All the doctor does is prescribe a man made chemical to put into your body. These toxic pills only mask symptoms and does not cure things. In most situations the side effects are worse than what was wrong to begin with. My theory is, God made our bodies to heal itself. All we have to do is treat it right, exercise, think positive and eat healthy. For those times we need a little extra help, God put things in nature to help us, natural remedies from herbs.

The Seven Hormones Reset

So back to me loosing my mind. It started out as what I thought was depression or just sadness. It evolved into me spending a week in bed not leaving my apartment. I started getting concerned but told myself I had been through some big emotional stuff and I could handle this and control it. Though, the entire time I was laying in bed I was asking myself “who the hell is this person”. Then it just got worse. My emotions starting being all over the place. I would be happy go lucky for a few days or weeks. Then suddenly the smallest thing could send me into a rage, a crazy, make no sense rage. I would be yelling at my man for no good reason and in the back of my mind I was yelling at myself to shut up and stop being stupid. I knew that I was acting crazy. I knew I was making no sense. But I couldn’t stop myself. The ups and downs was getting to me. I was not in control of myself and I didn’t like that. I had no idea how my boyfriend continued to put up with me. More proof he is a perfect man and probably should be cloned.

 The Hormone Cure

This summer I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I was truly loosing my mind and I HAD to do something before I drove away the people I loved. I decided to give natural options a short but good try. If that didn’t work, I was going to have to suck it up and go to the doctor and get on some anti depressants, anti anxiety and anti Stacie pills. Yes, I knew it was toxic chemicals I would be putting in my body and potentially creating other issues. But at this point, something had to be done.   Through my search for a natural solution, I came across some herbal supplement advice from Dr. Sara Gottfried. So I read the article and bought the supplements. Then I discovered she had a book addressing hormonal issues and found her shirt quiz online. As I began to take her quiz, I found out something extremely important. I was NOT loosing my mind. What was happening was a hormonal imbalance caused by the food and toxins I was placing in my body.   I did not, in any way, believe that the food I was eating was causing my condition. But at this point, I was fairly sure I was going over the deep end and I needed to loss some weight so I figured, what the heck, but her book and give it a try. I wanted a natural solution and this was as good as any. I decided when it failed, I could say I tried and head to the dr with a clear conscience.

The Hormone Reset Diet


Dr Gottfried’s The Hormone Rest Diet was pretty simple. You begin by taking a quiz. Things I didn’t even realize was an issue came to light in this quiz. As I took the quiz, I kept saying Yep that’s me. At the end I found out that my hormones were so bad imbalanced. So I began the 21 day Hormone reset. I was certain I would fail. But because this wasn’t a diet per say I thought there was a slim chance I would make it. It is designed so you do one thing every three days. The way it is setup, you aren’t giving up everything you love cold turkey. 21 days passed quickly and easily. I lost 9 pounds. But most importantly, I no longer felt like I was losing my mind. I felt normal again for the first time in over a year. I could handle stress again without going into a deep sadness and crying nonstop for days. I felt like me again. I felt in control. When I retook the quiz at the end, there was very few questions that I could now answer yes to.   It blows my mind that the food we eat can change our mental behavior. I lived through it and can tell you that food literally can effect every part of our being. Until I detoxes from certain food groups, I had no idea what it was doing to me. Since this summer, I have slowly regressed back to eat the old way full of crappy foods. I am starting to feel some of the changes that the food causes in me. NOW I know what to do. First and foremost, I know I need to stop eating crappy junk foods all together. But life gets in the way and sometimes I don’t eat the way I should. I keep my copy of the The Hormone Reset Diet very close. I will never ever feel like I am losing my mind again.   If you can relate to this article even a little bit, get Dr Gottfried’s book. I credit her for changing my health and life. She can help. It sounds to simple, changing the way you eat as a solution to these types of issues, but it is real. I am living proof. I would love for you to share your experiences with Dr Gottfried or any other comments you may have, please comment below. Let’s build a community support here so others that feel this way know they are not alone.

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