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Planner vs Bullet Journal

The newest Fad I have been obsessed with is bullet journaling. Are you wondering Planner vs Bullet Journaling…..What’s the difference between a planner and a bullet journal? A planner is very organized and put together.  Also, a planner has premade pages for you.  I often find it hard to find the perfect planner for my needs. I have bought the… Read more →

Cucumber Salad

  A healthier YOU starts with YOU. We cant expect to change the way we look and feel if we aren’t willing to make changes.   A great way to heal your body and get into the best, strongest health of your life is to start a healthier diet.  The word D.I.E.T. is usually associated with the idea of deprivation and eliminating food groups. … Read more →

How to end 2016 with a WOW

It is finally Fall 🍂🍂 That means Halloween 👻 Thanksgiving and Christmas 🎄 are right around the corner. You will have parties to attend and tons of sweet treats to tempt you. Most people GAIN weight during these Fall months.  But you can be different. You can hit the reset button NOW and curb that sweet addiction, get into a… Read more →

Zucchini Noodle Chicken Spaghetti

Seems like everyone is jumping on the Vegetable Noodle bandwagon these days. It is supposed to be a yummy alternative to regular carb loaded noodles. I, for one, never seen the appeal. I despise soggy noodles. In my mind, Zucchini pasta would be the equivalent of over cooked pasta. I was not about to ruin a good pasta by replacing… Read more →

Have You Seen These?

I wrote a blog post earlier in the week on shows from our time that has been forgotten and our children must watch. Weeeelllllll, I am on vacation in Alabama visiting family. My cousin, Isabell age 10, came to me with an idea. She stated that since I wrote a blog about shows children must watch, it is only right… Read more →

The Must See List

  Television has always been a huge source of entertainment for most all of us throughout time. We have all had our favorite movies or T.V. series as we grew up.  There are several movies that I just loved and couldn’t get enough of. I still watch some of them over and over. Many of the ones I loved are… Read more →

My Soul Feels Broken Now

This has been a very tough couple of months for me. My oldest child turned 21, my youngest turned 13, my middle child got pregnant, and my oldest is getting married. I realized I don’t have any babies anymore. They are all growing up on me. This breaks my heart. This week is the hardest so far. Alissa, my middle… Read more →

God is WRONG

God is WRONG Last week I was having myself a pretty bad day or life so I felt. For the last 7 months, my income has been less than desired. I have prayed and prayed for an answer for almost 1 ½ years. I feel like God just doesn’t even listed to me. I keep getting up every day and… Read more →

The No Microwave Journey

The No Microwave Journey I have always had a microwave in my home for as long as I remember. I sometimes think it is one of the greatest kitchen inventions ever made. A microwave is an all-around handy product. You can quickly throw an item in the microwave and within minutes have a meal to eat. I never imagined my… Read more →

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