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How Do You Grocery Shop?

How Do You Grocery Shop? One day I was having a conversation with my Boyfriend while he was grocery shopping. I found this conversation so fun and interesting. He is a single dad of 4 kids. So through my conversation, I not only got a man’s point of view on grocery shopping but I also got a dad’s point of… Read more →

3 Things We Need To Start Doing Again

We are living in an age where most things are done on some sort of electronic device.  We have smartphones, PC/Macs, tablets, and laptops.  You can schedule, use calendars, take pictures, skype/facetime, communicate with others, email, access internet, and the list keeps going on and on.  I will be honest, I could not go 3 full hours without needing my… Read more →

Did my Mom just tell me to get high?????

Let’s talk about something controversial today, Marijuana.  This post might shock some of you that I would write on this and it may even make some angry.  I am not trying to sway anyone’s opinion here.  If you agree with Marijuana or if you don’t, that is your right.  I feel very passionate about the health benefits of marijuana and… Read more →

Five Family Fun Traditions for New Years

New Years has become known for two things, parties with lots of drinking and setting New Year’s Resolutions.  Most often, it is NOT a family affair and the children get forgotten.  This year, try something new.  Start the New Year off as a family, celebrating new beginnings in the coming New Year.  Here are Five Family Fun Traditions to help you… Read more →

Is Christmas Morning all it is hyped up to be or a waste? How can we make Christmas Morning last longer?

Is Christmas Morning all it is hyped up to be or a wasted? How can we make Christmas Morning last longer? Christmas time is a busy time for us all.  Some people start early in the year buying Christmas presents and stashing them away.  Others wait until December, rushing around trying to accomplish a HUGE list of stuff before the… Read more →

Ipsy Box Subscription Review

  This is my Ipsy Subscription Review.   I LOVE getting stuff in the mail.  I LOVE makeup and beauty products. The Ipsy box subscription is an answer for me. Ipsy is a monthly subscription of products selected just for me. To get more info on this product, start by going to the Ipsy website. The Ipsy subscription is a mere $10… Read more →

The Richest Man In Babylon

The Richest Man In Babylon from Youtube by Tripplebeam The Richest Man In Babylon is a wonderful book about how to achieve financial abundance.  I found it very inspiring and motivational.  It goes into detail about the “Five laws of Gold” and “The 7 cures for a lean purse.”  If you want to know the rules to achieving financial abundance, this is… Read more →

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