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Have You Seen These?

I wrote a blog post earlier in the week on shows from our time that has been forgotten and our children must watch. Weeeelllllll, I am on vacation in Alabama visiting family. My cousin, Isabell age 10, came to me with an idea. She stated that since I wrote a blog about shows children must watch, it is only right… Read more →

The Must See List

  Television has always been a huge source of entertainment for most all of us throughout time. We have all had our favorite movies or T.V. series as we grew up.  There are several movies that I just loved and couldn’t get enough of. I still watch some of them over and over. Many of the ones I loved are… Read more →

My Soul Feels Broken Now

This has been a very tough couple of months for me. My oldest child turned 21, my youngest turned 13, my middle child got pregnant, and my oldest is getting married. I realized I don’t have any babies anymore. They are all growing up on me. This breaks my heart. This week is the hardest so far. Alissa, my middle… Read more →

The No Microwave Journey

The No Microwave Journey I have always had a microwave in my home for as long as I remember. I sometimes think it is one of the greatest kitchen inventions ever made. A microwave is an all-around handy product. You can quickly throw an item in the microwave and within minutes have a meal to eat. I never imagined my… Read more →

A Way To Win The Battle With Tourettes

Being a Person with Tourettes can be so difficult and challenging.  For a child, it can be even more difficult. Sometimes it is extremely hard for the child to translate to adults what is happening to them and they cannot control the tics that occur. Many seek every solution in controlling the tics but most often, even after Tourettes is… Read more →

3 Things We Need To Start Doing Again

We are living in an age where most things are done on some sort of electronic device.  We have smartphones, PC/Macs, tablets, and laptops.  You can schedule, use calendars, take pictures, skype/facetime, communicate with others, email, access internet, and the list keeps going on and on.  I will be honest, I could not go 3 full hours without needing my… Read more →

10 Must Have Apps for 2015

10 Must Have Apps for 2015   For those of us with SmartPhones, Apps help us organize our lives and live simpler/easier.  There is apps out there for almost anything.  You can find apps for finances, help with homework, track your kids, find a place to eat, help save money, get recipes and so much more. Some days I wonder… Read more →

Five Family Fun Traditions for New Years

New Years has become known for two things, parties with lots of drinking and setting New Year’s Resolutions.  Most often, it is NOT a family affair and the children get forgotten.  This year, try something new.  Start the New Year off as a family, celebrating new beginnings in the coming New Year.  Here are Five Family Fun Traditions to help you… Read more →

Is Christmas Morning all it is hyped up to be or a waste? How can we make Christmas Morning last longer?

Is Christmas Morning all it is hyped up to be or a wasted? How can we make Christmas Morning last longer? Christmas time is a busy time for us all.  Some people start early in the year buying Christmas presents and stashing them away.  Others wait until December, rushing around trying to accomplish a HUGE list of stuff before the… Read more →

Does your relationship have glue?

  This morning I watched Having a Healthy Home by Joel Osteen.  It really spoke to me.  Every relationship needs glue to overcome adversity.  Instead of complaining about what makes us unhappy in our relationships, we need to pour out praise, gratitude and honor towards others.  When something doesn’t make you happy, turn it around into what does make you happy. All… Read more →

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