Detoxing Green Smoothie

I am not a breakfast person at all. If I could just eat pizza for breakfast, I would eat breakfast every day. Guess that isn’t a very good idea though. When I joined Beach Body as a coach, one of the first things I had to do was teach myself that I HAD to eat a healthy breakfast.

Eating Breakfast has not been an easy change for me. All too often, I get up to late and don’t have time. With the Chronic Fatigue, waking up earlier isn’t always easy for me. So I have learned to adapt. I am finding things that I can make quickly and take on the go. This crazy busy mom needs foods that are simple, healthy, and portable. That’s why I like Smoothies, especially Green Smoothies.

Tuesday morning was a perfect example. I did not sleep well at all. I was exhausted and couldn’t wake early. As a matter of fact, I woke up very late, barely having time to get dressed for work. So I needed something super quick, portable, yet very healthy. My Green Smoothie is my new run to breakfast lately. It gives me my fruits and veggies, detoxifies me and fills me up with fiber so I stay full for hours. It is a win win for breakfast. Here is how I make it:

Stacie’s Detoxing Green Smoothie ½ Cup sliced Cucumber ½ Cup Fresh Cut Pineapple 1 Cup Fresh Kale ½ Lime (juice only) ½ Sliced Green Apple 1 TBSP Coconut Oil 10 oz cold water

Throw all in blender and enjoy. This is super healthy and can be enjoyed every single day. Did you enjoy this post and video??? Please feel free to share. We all need to join together in the movement to fight obesity. The more that we share these posts, the more people we can reach and help get on a healthier lifestyle.


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