Do you know How To Thaw A Turkey?


Do you know How To Thaw A Turkey?

I was so super proud of myself yesterday. I figured I would get ahead of the game and go buy my Christmas meal ingredients 3 days before Christmas. I figured, my turkey could hang out in the fridge and would be fully thawed by Christmas Eve night, easily. This morning, I decided I should probably look up the instructions for thawing a turkey properly. WHAT THE HECK?!?

I had no idea it would take 3-4 days in the refrigerator to thaw this bird. So now I get to scramble around and thaw in cold water. I know many years ago, I cooked a Turkey. So how is it, I had no idea the length of time to thaw a Turkey? Am I in my 40s (shhhh) and actually have no idea what I am doing? Do I even know how to cook it? Lordy, we hope so because I am in charge of it this year. To top things off, I am making Duck for the first time ever. I hope a restaurant will be open Christmas Day just in case I don’t succeed. LOL


So for any of you Turkey newbies, here is how to properly prepare your Christmas Day Turkey. Don’t wait until the last minute or you may be joining me at the restaurant for dinner.

Thawing your Turkey properly is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! You do not want to give anyone food poisoning. There are two basic methods for thawing a Frozen Whole Turkey. You can choose between either Thawing in the Refrigerator or Thawing in Cold Water.

To Thaw Properly in the refrigerator you will need to:

• Leave Frozen Whole Turkey unopened in wrapper
• Place Bird on a tray in the Refrigerator to catch any juices/blood that could cross contaminate.
• Place Turkey breast side UP
• Allow at least ONE DAY for every 4 lbs. (EX. My turkey was 13.50 lbs so I need to allow 3+ days)

If you are short on time, a quicker option is Thawing in Cold water. To do this:

• Leave Frozen Whole Turkey unopened in wrapper
• Place Turkey in clean sink, breast side DOWN
• Run cold water in sink to completely cover turkey.
• Change water every 30 min to insure the turkey stays properly chilled
• Allow at least 30 minutes for every 1 lb. (EX. My turkey was 13.50 lbs so I need to allow 6+hours)
Following one of these methods and your turkey should be properly prepared for brining, roasting and/or frying.



NOTE: I am not a professional chef. Please do not solely rely on my say so. Please check your turkey labels to ensure your family’s safety.



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