Does your relationship have glue?


This morning I watched Having a Healthy Home by Joel Osteen.  It really spoke to me.  Every relationship needs glue to overcome adversity.  Instead of complaining about what makes us unhappy in our relationships, we need to pour out praise, gratitude and honor towards others.  When something doesn’t make you happy, turn it around into what does make you happy.

relationship glue 2

All to often, people say, “I shouldn’t have to tell you that I love you, you should know by now.”  A person can not feel blessed and loved today on yesterday’s love/blessing.  All people need to be loved, needed, and wanted.  If you don’t appreciate them, someone else may.  No matter the relationship type, be it husband/wife, parents, children, friend, etc., we need to let people know that they matter to us.  Our relationships are a gift, treat them as such. Learn to accept others as they are and appreciate that. Find the good in them and focus on that.

relationship glue

Simple words can make your relationtionships happy and healthy.  Watch your words!!!  Speak life over your relationships.  Walk in love and gratitude.  Build up others instead of tear down.



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