Do you want it to last?

work for it
Do you want it to last?


I have been on a new journey in life.  I am changing the way I eat and the amount of toxins I put in my body.  This new, health and fitness journey is a huge lifestyle change for me.  As I go on this journey, I have found a pattern in myself as well as most others that embark on such huge lifestyle changes.


Lifestyle changes aren’t just limited to what we eat or exercise. This time of year, so many people vow each year to diet and workout to loose those few extra pounds from winter or to fit in a swimsuit. However, very few actually look at it as a permanent lifestyle change.  The same goes for other areas of our life.  We want more money so we focus on some quick, small changes that will get results NOW.  In our relationships, we may do something for a week to make things change now, but really never making the changes for real. We have a habit of not embarking on changes that take sacrifices each day to build into that new, happy lifestyle of our dreams.


We have become a society of I WANT IT NOW!  We don’t like to take the time to make true changes.  We don’t like to dig down deep inside of ourselves and find out what got us to this place to begin with.  We stopped dreaming big dreams because it takes time to get there.  We think there is a quick fix to weight loss, money, relationships, to pretty much everything.


Friends, we didn’t get to the place we are now over night.  So stop thinking you will change things overnight.  YES, you may be able to loose 5 pounds in a week if you go on some starvation diet.  Guess what???? That weight will come back eventually.  Probably with a few extra pound friends to go with it.  You keep doing that over time, you will screw up your hormones and physical/mental health.  So for a quick, short term fix, you may pay a high, long term price.


Anything you truly want in life, be it weight loss, get healthy, make more money, change careers, fix your relationships, more positive attitude, whatever you want, it is worth working hard at it and making a true lifestyle change.  Making real changes will ensure that things will last for a lifetime.  It will ensure it is something you can truly live with long term.  If you want something to be permanent, then you need to work for it and make real changes. Ask yourself what you really want. Do you really want a quick fix with a high price? Or do you really want these changes to last?


Do you want it to last?


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