Feeling Blah

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I must admit, today I am feeling blah. Actually, very sad. I have been trying to have faith for a specific something to happen in my life. I feel like I am so close but yet I don’t seem to get that break through. It has been a long time and I am feeling like I should give up. Seems I take 5 terrific, productive steps forward and then go back 20 steps. I have been wanting to cry all day. I keep trying to stay happy but doubt and sadness and defeat are overpowering. I managed to fake a smile when I picked my son up from school. I was sitting on the couch with tears filling my eyes, thinking I was alone. My son walked in. Noticing I was sad, he walked over to me. He placed his arm around me. He said, “Mom, just count 10 blessing and you will feel better. I know you are sad, but don’t give that the focus. I love you.” My son is so wonderful. Guess he does listen to mommy’s ramblings. Needless to say, I felt better. The sadness is still there. But I just keep counting my blessing and being a positive light. It’s hard, but with every blessing I count, the better I feel. With every blessing I count, the stronger my faith gets again. Thank God for my son!

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