Five Family Fun Traditions for New Years

new years

New Years has become known for two things, parties with lots of drinking and setting New Year’s Resolutions.  Most often, it is NOT a family affair and the children get forgotten.  This year, try something new.  Start the New Year off as a family, celebrating new beginnings in the coming New Year.  Here are Five Family Fun Traditions to help you and your family ring in the New Year.


  1. Sparkling Juice – Instead of Alcohol, try a sparkling juice. Walmart most general sells a sparkling Grape or Apple juice that is yummy.  At the stroke of midnight, everyone can toast with juice.  OR, if midnight is past bed time, you can celebrate a little earlier.  Instead of a traditional midnight toast with my kiddos, I serve sparkling juice with our New Year’s dinner.                                     sparkling juice

  2. Family Letter- Each family member write a letter to the family commenting their wishes for each other in the coming year. They may also include goals they have set for the coming year.  Then on Dec 31st, 2015, read the letters you wrote and see if their wishes/goals came true.  For smaller children, they could draw a picture of what they want for the family.

  3. 12 Grapes – This is Brandon’s favorite tradition. Each family member receives a bowl with grapes in it.  At the stroke of midnight, with each stroke, they eat a grape.  If you are able to eat all of the grapes by the end of the strokes of midnight, then you will have great luck and prosperity for the coming year.                12grapes

  4. Black-eyed Peas- For luck and prosperity in the coming year, Black-eyed Peas should be eaten on New Year’s Day. We always include black-eyed peas into our New Year’s meal.

  5. Ball Drop- My children LOVE to watch the ball drop every year on t.v. We stay up late this one night so we can all watch it together as a family.  One year, we even facetime with my daughter, who was not home that night, so she could “watch” it with us.


ball drop

I was always told, whatever you are doing on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, is how you will spend the rest of year.  This may or may not be true, but I choose to believe it.  I like to set the tone for the coming year with lots of family time, celebrating with those I love.  IF someone I love cannot be with me, I somehow include them in at midnight with a text or call or facetime.  It has always been extremely important to me to spend New Year’s this way every year.  This year, start a new tradition or two.  Start your New Year’s off as a family with love, gratitude and happiness.



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