Greet the Storm with a Smile

On the road to success, we humans have a tendency to become stressed out.  Through daily living, troubles, etc. we also get stressed. This leads to loosing focus on the grand prize, the ultimate goal.  Stress is a killer of many things.  Stress kills dreams, health, and minds.  In order to achieve our goals, we need to learn how to achieve Inner Peace. 

 Greet The Smile With A Storm

So what is this Inner Peace thing? It is learning to have peace during the storm.  Does that mean you ignore problems and pretend nothing is wrong?  Nope, not at all.  It means that you have found a way to deal with storms with peace from within yourself.


Greet The Storm With A Smile

Finding Inner Peace takes daily practice.  It won’t happen overnight. It takes focus and desire.  Here are a few ways to start on the road to finding Inner Peace and handling life’s storms with a better attitude:

  1. Be Still!  Psalms 46:10 says “Be still and know that I am God.”  But what does be still mean?  It means stop all that you are doing.  No worrying, no stressing, no anxiety, no nothing.  Just trust.  Just have faith.  Let go and stop freaking out.  It isn’t so easy to let go.  But once you do, things will change.  To help aid in being still:
    1. Meditate.  Meditation is a wonderful journey to help you gain focus and peace.  I find guided meditation is best for me.  But there are so many ways.  Research your options and find what is best for you.  Meditate in a quite area where you will not be disturbed.
    2. Yoga.  Yoga is great for the outer body, inner organs and the mind.  You can gain inner peace and better health all from Yoga.  There are tons and tons of Yoga options.  You can take a class or do it at home.  There are tons of videos to watch, websites with yoga instructions, Youtube videos and Smartphone apps that will help you learn Yoga.
    3. Massage.  Massage is another terrific method for reducing stress and relaxing.  An additional benefit massage is that it breaks down fat cells and helps appearance of cellulite and weight loss.
    4. Learn to remove negativity and obstacles.
      1. Gratitude.  Gratitude is one of the greatest tools for having a very happy life.  The more you are grateful, the more God will give you to be thankful for.  There is always something in life to be grateful for.  Some days you may have to look extra extra hard, but there is something there.
      2. Facts are Facts. This is hard sometimes.  We tend to inject emotions into situations.  The problem with problems is how we view them with our emotions.  Try to look at the facts as just facts.  Don’t inject personal emotion into it.  Don’t look at how this is happening to you.  Just look at the simple facts and deal with them. Human emotion is a wonderful thing.  But it can also be a hindrance.  Try to separate your emotions from the situation and just see things as it is.
      3. Obstacles are advantages. So something bad has happened to you, now what.  Well, you can sit around and be depressed about the bad thing.  OR you can pick yourself up and decide to use it to your advantage.  Maybe you lost your job.  Choose this time to reinvent yourself and go after something bigger and better.  Use bad things as an open door to something better.
      4. Learn to live again.  So many people are alive but not living.  After we become an adult, we forget to live and see magic/beauty in the world.
        1. Learn to laugh again, Play, smell the roses, really TASTE your food, enjoy the finer things in life, dream again, look from a different view, take wrong turns, and be adventurous.
        2. Be open to new things.
        3. Face fears
        4. Break bad habits that bad you.
        5. Keep a journal
        6. Exercise.
        7. Read the Bible and Pray.


Greet The Storm With A Smile

Finding Inner Peace is not an overnight occurrence.  But if you can achieve Inner Peace, you will be a much better person.  You will be able to handle life’s storms with peace and a smile. For your health and success, learn to find Inner Peace.



Great The Storm With A Smile

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