Help yourself by helping others

Are you sad, lonely, depressed, sad, heart broken, miserable?  The best medicine for feeling blue is to help someone else.  I know, I know, you are saying I am crazy and that won’t work.  BUT, it will.  You don’t have to have lots of money to give away to help others.  You can give to charities, causes and people in a large variety of ways.  Here are a few ideas:

  1. Give a small amount of money.  It could be a $5 combo meal to a person who is hungry.  Give $20 for a flock of chicken to a family in need through Heifer International.  Register for the Race for the Cure to contribute to the fight of breast cancer.  Buy a Christmas present for a child during the holidays from the angel tree. Support your local community by shopping at local stores instead of chains.  Support your famers market by buying fresh vegetables, herbs and eggs. Every time you buy groceries, buy an extra can or two of food.  Then after the stock builds up, donate to local food bank.
  2. Give your time.  Volunteer  to help at your food co-op, food bank, soup kitchen, local church that helps in the community, PTO at your child’s school, local library to read, lend a shoulder to cry on, listen to someone who is down, etc…
  3. Give a smile.  Smiles are worth more than you know.  It could mean all the difference to one person who may be struggling.  Smiles are free.  They help the receiver as well as the giver.  Mean it when you give it, don’t just throw it away.  When you smile at someone, look them in the eyes and make contact so they know it is genuine.
  4. Give love.  This is one of the greatest gifts we have to give.  The world can feel so lonely at times.  Feeling loved can change everything.

There are tons of ideas all over the internet on ways to give to others. One website I found to be awesome was  Find a cause, a person, a friend, a neighbor, a loved one or charity that you can get involved with.  Give a smile, a hug, love, advice, or whatever you have to give.  The goal is to just get out there and help others.  Once you do, you will find great happiness in giving.  Giving will help you in your situation.  God teaches us that we get what we give.  Help yourself by helping others!!!!!!!!! Go out and be a positive light.  Happy giving.



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