Homemade Potato Chips

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Do you struggle with needing a side dish with dinner that is healthy, low calorie and still something the whole family will eat? I do!!! It wasn’t so bad when the girls were still at home. They would eat almost everything and Brandon was small and ate more varieties. But now that he is a preteen, his tastes seem to be changing. I find myself saying, UGGGGHHHHHH a LOT. I am desperately trying to lose weight and get healthier. I also LOVE food and like variety. He seems to want to limit my options to only meats and potatoes.

I am trying my best to work towards us eating healthier, clean/organic foods. I am most certainly not perfect at this. BUT, we do eat out less (only 2-3 times per month now), less packaged foods, and less chemicals. Occasionally, oreos or cheapy pizza with Pepsi will magically find its way into my home. I am always finding myself surfing Pinterest for more side dish ideas that will be healthier and Brandon approved. I total scored with my Homemade Potato Chips find. Brandon LOVES the Homemade Potato Chips and I feel good about him eating them.


The Homemade Potato Chips are really easy to make and only require a few ingredients you probably already have. You will only need Potatoes, your favorite seasoning and some olive oil or Pan Spray. Watch my YouTube video to see exactly how to make.



If you struggle with ideas for Kid Friendly, healthier dinner side options, give these Homemade Potato Chips a try. Ohhhhh, side NOTE: These also make a great after school snack. I am certain Brandon would say your entire family will fall in love with the Homemade Potato Chips.


zzz2 YouTube Video:  http://youtu.be/mHP3TgNB4Jg


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