How to make Bone Broth

I am fairly new to the whole Bone Broth movement.  I had never heard of it until about a year ago.  How I missed it all my life, I will never know.  Bone Broth has been used throughout history in almost every culture.

The first question I asked myself when I first seen Bone Broth was, WHY would anyone want to eat a soup/broth made from scraps of bones? Welllll, that was easy.  It has TONS of health benefits.  Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Believed to strengthen Kidneys
  • Improve quality of blood
  • Gelatin in broth Help repair Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Support a healthy digestive system
  • Collagen in broth helps support bones, brain and ligaments
  • Helps build immune system and fight infections, viruses, and colds
  • Bone marrow carries oxygen to cells and body
  • Has been said to be effective in treating arthritis and other degenerative joint disease
  • Contains valuable minerals.

Another MAJOR Plus of Bone Broth is it is fairly inexpensive to make.  If your family is on a budget, this is a win win.  You can either purchase bones from your grocery store, butcher, farmers market or simply use leftover bones from previous meal.

My next question was, HOW do I make Bone Broth? Oh well, that is super easy.  Below is the recipe I used just this week.  I used Beef Bones from the Grocery store for this particular recipe.  You can use any kind of bones Beef, Pork, or Turkey.  My favorite was using the turkey carcass after Thanksgiving.  Oh My nom nom nommmmm. That was the best Bone Broth ever.  You can play around with the seasonings as well.  The Basic recipe is simply bones, salt, pepper, and ACV.  This week I added a little more variety in.  I added cayenne pepper, which adds flavor, is great for the immune system and also helps your metabolism.




2-3 pounds of Beef Bones

½ tsp Cayenne Pepper

1 tsp Season Salt

1 TBSP Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)


Here is a very short video

Place Bones in crockpot.  Add all seasonings.  Adjust amount of seasoning to your taste. Add ACV. Then add just enough water to cover bones.  Do not add to much water or the broth wont be right.  You will know if it is made correctly if it congeals once it cools off. Cook in slower cooker on low for minimum of 10 hours but can cook up to 40 hours.  I generally cook mine around 24 hours.  Let cool off then place in fridge.  Once the fat rises to the top and hardens, you can scrape off and use to cook with or simply dispose of.

That’s it.  Very simple.  I put the Bone Broth in the fridge and just warm up a cup at a time as needed.  I go through this pretty quick since I have a cup daily.  BUT, you can freeze some if you don’t use quickly.  You can also use Bone Broth in recipes.  I like to use it to cook rice instead of using water.  I also sauté my veggies with the Bone Broth instead of using added fat such as butter. The options are limitless.  I hope you enjoy.  Please comment below with your Bone Broth experiences, recipes, etc….


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