How do you say Thank you?

How do you say thank you?

How do you say Thank You?  Do you simply say the words?

We are raised to say thank you. But were you taught how?  I am most certain you never gave it much thought.  It is just two little words, not many ways you can say it, RIGHT??

Try this….. Next time you are at the grocery store, say thank you.  BUT, look the cashier in the eyes, smile and really mean the words.  I bet you will notice a difference.  We go through life saying these two little words, Thank You.  I would bet, very few times do we really mean it. Mostly we do it out of habit.  We should all stop throwing away our thank you.  Try for one day to mean it every time you say it.  Make sure you make eye contact with the other person.  Eye contact makes it personal and has more meaning. Make your Thank You count today.


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