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As a child, we all had big dreams.  Some wanted to be a fireman, a police officer or a doctor.  Others dreamed of being a celebrity, a princess, a politician, or an attorney.  I dreamed of being a famous model.  Whatever the dream, as a child, we believed that we could be anything that we wanted to be.  The sky was the limit.  Children don’t limit their dreams by saying “I can’t”.  I raise my children with this belief.  I am always telling them that they can achieve anything if they want it bad enough.  I encourage my children to discover what makes them happy, then go out and believe they can have it. My middle daughter wanted to be a princess as a small child.  Did I tell her that she would never achieve this?  NO WAY.  She could have been a princess.  Granted it was not going to be easy, but she could have.  She could have moved to another country and tried to meet a Prince.  She could have gotten a job at Disney as a Princess.  I even found a website that you can buy a title of princess of some small island.  There were options.  She just had to want it bad enough to work crazy hard at achieving it.

Somewhere in adulthood, we stop dreaming. We start thinking that it is easier to give up our dreams than to work for them.  A lot of adults sit around and complain about their lives not being what they wanted.  We start believing reality does not provide the luxury of achieving one’s dreams.  We stop believing in magic, Santa Clause, and achieving our childhood goals.  Some even stop believing that life should be happy.  Many adults make a life of working, going home, go to sleep, get up and start all over. Most adults don’t live life, they just exist.

work hard dream bigger

It makes me so sad that many adults just give up on life. Some find it easier to sit and complain, rather than getting up and working hard for what they want. Let me tell you this……… Life was made to be lived to the fullest.  God gave us this life for a reason.  He wants us all to have our dreams, big dreams.  There is enough abundance and prosperity in the world for every single person to share in it, you just have to want it bad enough and work hard for it.

Your life should be about loving hard, wrong turns, strange adventures, BIG dreams, believing in magic, sparkling, seeing beauty everywhere, laughing until you cry, being silly, playing, rambling conversations, and random thoughts.  Today, make it a goal to start LIVING LIFE.  Be determined to have your dreams.  Be childlike again and believe anything is possible.  Stop saying “I can’t”.  You get from life what you believe.  So if you believe you can’t, then you won’t. If you believe you do not deserve it, you will not receive it.  Believe it and you will achieve it.  Be positive, be grateful, make a change, and mostly importantly, DREAM BIG!


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