Ipsy Box Subscription Review



This is my Ipsy Subscription Review.


I LOVE getting stuff in the mail.  I LOVE makeup and beauty products. The Ipsy box subscription is an answer for me. Ipsy is a monthly subscription of products selected just for me.

To get more info on this product, start by going to the Ipsy website. The Ipsy subscription is a mere $10 per month. Every month has free shipping.  Once you click JOIN, you will be directed to a short quiz.  This is simply to learn your style so that the stylists can pick perfect products for you each and every month. You can retake the quiz at any time to reevaluate your style and change products. This is a month to month subscription.  It is charged to your credit card every month on the 1st and you cancel at any time.  I usually receive my Ipsy subscription around the middle of every month.


Each month,  Your Ipsy subscription will arrive with one glam bag and 4-5 products inside selected just for you.  To see what actually comes in a Ipsy Box Subscription, watch my video unveiling this month’s contents. Click on video down below. There are other perks to your Ipsy subscription.  You can earn Ipsy points in various ways. Once enough points are accumulated, you can redeem points for an extra bonus product in your next Ipsy bag.


In my opinion, Ipsy is WELL worth the monthly $10.  As a moms, we tend to give everything to our families and forget about treating ourselves. Ipsy is a luxury for me, a way to spoil myself without spending tons of money.  I automatically get a small treat in my mailbox, just for me, every month.  To get started, first watch my video unveiling December’s Ipsy Subscription. Then go to Ipsy website to join and get your subscription started right away.  Please comment below on your Ipsy bags and let me know if you love them as much as I.


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