Is the Glass half full or half empty?

Don’t give up on your hopes and dreams. God made us to live life to the fullest. We are suppose to live with excitement, happiness, love, adventure and abundance. This is our birth right given to us by God. God places dreams in our hearts for a reason. How can you achieve your dreams?

1.Write down your dreams and goals. Read and re-read these dreams/goals multiple times a day, every single day.
2. Create a vision board. Cut out pictures of your dreams or goals. Then visual yourself achieving those desires.
3. Take action. Even if it is small steps, keep moving forward. You cannot make any progress if you keep standing still.
4. NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go explore! Live life beyond your imagination. Think wild and crazy. Take wrong turns. Wake up each and every day EXPECTING something great to happen. Start your day, first by telling God thank you for waking you once again. Then start getting adventurous. Let today be the day you start living life.

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