Legit Ways to Earn Extra Cash For Christmas

Legit Ways To Earn Extra Money For Christmas


Christmas is coming up soon.  For some of us, that means added financial stress.  It is can be hard enough to make it from one pay check to the next.  NOW, somehow you need to come up with extra cash to buy Christmas presents.  But HOW?? 


I know you see things all over Facebook, Pinterest, and the likes saying “How would you like to Earn $500 by Christmas”.  The first thing I think when I see those posts are… “those don’t really work OR if they do it will take months to actually get that cash and I need it NOW.”  Do you think that too?


I am going to get real with you! I have done MLMs and YES they do work.  You can earn $500 this next month if you are willing to invest the time and money into them.  I strongly believe in MLMs and encourage women to do that if that is where their hearts lead them.  I have also done Blogging.  There is real money to be made there too.  Again, you have to be the time and work into it, be consistent, be patient, and keep at it every day.  There are also other ways to make money from home such as Youtube, create courses, affiliate marketing, etc.  AGAIN, all takes time, work and investment.  I will write more about these options at a later date.    Today, I want to talk about legit ways to earn extra cash for Christmas.  Like cash you can get NOW. These are things I have actually done and succeed in.  


  1. Sell stuff on eBay – I have done this many times.  It for sure works but you need to pay attention to what you are doing or you can easily go into the hole.  Start by looking around your house for things to get rid of.  We ALL have things we can sale.  Some items go easily and quickly while others never sale.  Here are a few tips for selling on eBay:
    1. When you find an item around your house to sale, research it on eBay first.  Search the item and look at similar products actually SOLD.  This will give you an idea of how popular this item may be and actual price it is going for.
    2. Remember, eBay charges fees for listing.  So account for that when selling.
    3. Remember to charge enough for shipping.  I have gotten burned on this so many times.
    4. I have had good luck with workout videos and coffee cups.  They seem like odd things to sell but people have actually paid me $6-12 for a coffee cup.  You never know what will sale until you look and try.  Never rule anything out.
  2. Sell stuff on Facebook Garage Sale Pages – I do believe every city or town has such Facebook pages.  I am sorta new to this arena.  My daughter actually got me into it.  I tend to like this better than eBay simply because you are selling to local people and there is no need to ship items.  BUT, I have found that the garage sale sites sometimes sell items at a lower price.  So I suppose it all depends on the item.  The Facebook groups are free to join and free to post.  Sometimes you can make quick cash the same day.
  3. Donate Plasma – This is not my favorite suggestion.  In the past, I have been in desperate times and had to resort to this option.  Depending on the town, you could earn $50-$200 in a few weeks.  This doesn’t work for me.  I tried out of desperation, however, my veins didn’t like the process and I couldn’t do it. It is private and no one will know you did it (unless of course, you write a blog post stating to the world you did it once lol).
  4. Fiverr – This is a good option for additional little jobs.  What are you good at? What knowledge do you have that you could sale? There are all kinds of things sold on Fiverr.  You could do VA services, bookkeeping, graphic designing, writing, spreadsheets etc.  BUT, there are also things on there like being someone’s friend for a day or advertising their business on a college campus, etc.  There is literally something for everyone there.  It is free to set up an account.  Find something you want to do and set up a gig.  If you aren’t sure, look at other people’s gigs to get an idea.  It does take a few weeks for the money to transfer to your account though so this may not work for Christmas being that it is so close.  I did include it on the list because if you were dedicated to it, worked hard on getting gigs and completing them and get paid, you COULD get some cash by Christmas.  It would cut it close to processing time but it is a possibility.
  5. Be a Virtual Assistant – I started being a VA back in August by “accident”.  I quit my day job to work from home and my current business wasn’t doing much business and i was hurting for cash.  A friend of mine was doing VA work and asked if I wanted to help her with a project.  Thus my VA business was born.  I actually prefer to call myself a Personal Assistant rather than Virtual Assistant.  I think it sounds better.  I used to think there was no way a person could actually earn money doing this, much less make it a business or career.  I was Soooooooo wrong.  There is a huge market for VAs.  Depending on how you run your business, it could be cash in your account this week.  Curious about being a VA, what they are or how to get started? I am doing a 7-day email course starting 12/4/17 that will help you get started.  Click here for more info.


There are lots of ways out there to earn “quick” cash.  There are lots of ways to start working from home and quit your “day job”.  The key is BELIEVING you can do it, putting in the WORK, and showing up every day.  Anything is possible.  Have you found a legit way to earn money from home? I would love to hear about it.  Be sure to comment on this post and share with us your ideas.


with Joyous Gratitude,

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