My life has changed

God has given me so many blessings in life. In 2011-2012, I filed for divorce, filed for bankruptcy, my house went into foreclosure, I left my job of 12 years, and lost many family/friends through all of this. There were even some days that I skipped a few meals or only ate a little bit so that I could stretch the food and make sure all 3 kids ate. There was many times I felt like laying on the couch and never moving again. BUT, I kept pushing forward. I kept getting up every day and believing that God would get me through to a better place. I will admit that I did have some days that I cried and asked God why this was happening. I never thought I would loose it all. Some days I felt it would never get better.

Slowly, I was reminded of all that I still had. The key to my situation was to stop focusing on what I had lost. I needed to stop crying and asking God why it happened. Everything happens to us for a reason, even bad things. There where plenty of bad things going on in my life. But I had to stop giving power to those bad things. All I did was magnify those bad things and created more sadness.

It is true that I lost a great deal of things. My heart is still sad from all that I lost. The greater truth is I had a great deal left in my life that was so positive and happy. Through this heartbreaking time, I was able to find my soul mate. This man treats me like a princess. He treats me like I have never been treated before. He loves me, respects me, supports me, and encourages me in all things. He loves me just the way I am and wants me to stay true to myself. He makes me better and stronger. Most importantly, he loves me, truly, deeply loves me.

Through this bad time, I also had my beautiful children, Aspen, Alissa, and Brandon. These 3 blessings are the light of my life. Being a mommy is one of the greatest gifts God can give me. I cannot tell you how wonderful my children are. They bring me so much love and happiness. I am so proud of who they are becoming. The world will be a little better because of them.

Since all of that bad happened, my life has totally changed. I moved 5 states away and started all over. This month I finally paid off the furniture I was renting to own. I finally own my own furniture and I did it all myself! YAY. I also got blessed with the opportunity to be a stay at home mom. This one thing has changed our lives so much. I now have so much freedom to focus on my children and my wonderful man. I have so many more opportunities now that I stay at home. My day is so relaxed, happy and free.

My life changed in a big way. Lots of bad things occurred but even bigger better things replaced those. Because I learned to focus on my blessings, I received more blessings. Because I learned to live in gratitude, I was able to receive more things to be grateful for. We receive what we believe. I focused on the good left in my life thus my life kept getting better and better. I thank God each and every morning before I even get out of bed. I thank him for my boyfriend, my children and the greatest life ever. Positive thinking really makes a difference. I could have chosen to stay on the couch and cry. If I would have done that, I really believe I would still be on the couch crying. We cannot make changes by focusing on our lack. We have to pull ourselves up, decide we deserve better, and get determined to change our situation no matter what it takes. We have to learn to live each day with positive thinking, love and gratitude. Remember to thank God each day for all that has happened, good and bad. Get a gratitude journal or download one on your smart phone. Each day, write 10 things you are grateful for. Continue to do this every day and watch your life change. MINE DID!



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