Some have sight but no vision

sight but no vision

Some have sight but no vision. Most of us can see the world with our eyes. We can see our children play, we can see our co-workers as we say good morning, we can see our food as we eat….. But how many of us have vision?

It is very sad when some have sight but no vision. They don’t know where they want to go in life. They have no dreams. It’s like getting in a car with no destination. They are moving, but not going anywhere. They keep driving and driving but never reach where they want to go. Do you just drive? Do you just get up each day and go through the motions without truly living?

You cannot achieve your dream life without knowing what it consists of. You MUST have vision. You MUST have a destination. So ask yourself, “What does my dream life look like”? If you could achieve anything, what would it be? What, in your current life, would you change if you could?

I already hear some people saying, “There is no point in having dreams because I will never get what I want”. WRONG!!!!! People achieve their dreams every day. In Isaiah 41:18, God says ”

I will turn the desert into pools of water and the parched ground into springs.

If God can make pools of water out of desert, can he not make your dream life out of what you have. Why do you feel that other people should get their dreams but not you?



Start today working towards your dream life. The first step is to figure out your vision. Know what you want and where you are going. Grab a journal, phone app, vision board, or something to record your vision. Put it down in writing and/or pictures. Then look at it every single day, multiple times a day. By recording your vision and repeatedly looking at your vision, it allows you to visualize yourself living the dream you desire. You will automatically start moving toward your dream life and start taking more action.

Stop having sight but not having vision!!!!!!! Change things today.


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