Starting things off


I sometimes get asked, how did I get on this happy, positive, gratitude journey. Well, it started because I was tired of being unhappy. Tired of not having what I wanted or deserved. I become determined to get what I wanted and change my life. I should tell you that the saying “be careful what you ask for, you may receive it” is very true. In my efforts to change things, I had to first loose several things. At the time, I was devastated. I lost my job, my husband and some friends. It was a horrible thing to go through. But back when I was wishing things could be different, the things I lost were exactly the things I was wishing could be better or different. Those were the things bringing me unhappiness. The first step was to find what made me unhappy and then change them. So I did. It was not a simple, over night thing. It took many months. But the first step was making the decision to change my life into what I wanted and felt I deserved. The next step was to focus on my goals. Please do not get me wrong, I wished that changing things had not resulted in a divorce. I love my ex-husband. He is a good man. I do not in any way believe divorce is every an answer. But that is what happened. We just couldn’t be married. Once I decided to change things, I asked myself how I was going to achieve my goals. I had no idea, what so ever, on how to completely change my life into what I wanted. I prayed a great deal. I started trying to be happy for the things I had left, like my beautiful children. I realized that, even though I was losing some things, I was still left with some pretty fabulous things in my life. Focusing on my children really helped me start in the right direction. I happened upon a book, The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. She talked about having gratitude. Her book gave me one thing to focus on each day for 28 days. This book helped me begin seeing things I had never seen before. I am not a reader. But this theory, the law of attraction that Rhonda wrote about, intrigued me. I began reading more books on the law of attraction. The world opened up to me and I started seeing beauty I had never seen before. I started seeing blessing I had taken for granted. The whole basis for the law of attraction is to be grateful for all things and to stay positive. We need to give focus to the positive things in our life and the positive things we want to happen for us. To me gratitude and a positive attitude are extremely important. They are both necessary if you want to have a life full of happiness and abundance. I soon realized that we all can have the life we want and desire. We just have to want it bad enough and then go after it with a positive outlook. Logo

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