The Magic That Is Held In Two Little Words

Did you know that there is magic in our words.  It can be good magic or bad, depending on the words you use.  Words have power, they can build up great things or tear them down.  They can change everything in a moments time, sometimes with out you even knowing it.

There are many words that we should practice using each and every day. I LOVE YOU and THANK YOU are some of the most powerful words we have.  Imagine if no one in the world told you Thank You for your entire life.  How would that feel?  Do you think over time, that would change how you feel about the world or even yourself? Do you think you would stop doing things for others?  I think it would make a HUGE difference.  Imagine if the one you love the most never said I love you.  Do you think your relationship would last forever?  Probably not. We do show love and thanks in the things we do, but that isn’t enough.  Humans need to actually hear the words and be reminded of your love and gratitude.  That is just how we function.


Gratitude and love make relationships grow.  But simply saying the words is not always enough.  You need to also practice saying WHY.  In The Magic by Rhonda Byrne,  she goes into great depth with daily ideas on how to express your gratitude and love.  My favorite was Days 3 and 15.  She teaches about writing down things that you are grateful for in relationships, good ones and bad ones.


I read The Magic last year and did these daily activities.  They were so powerful and life changing, that I continue to this.  I went and bought a journal.  I decided to focus mainly on my relationship with my boyfriend.  I am madly crazy in love with this man. It was never hard to find things to write down.  A year later, I have not ran out of things to write.  There are a few things I have accidentally repeated, but for the most part I find new things every day to be grateful for with this amazing and perfect man. Over the past year, I got away from doing it daily after the first few months.  But, I continue to do it.  One journal is almost full and ready to start on the next.

always grateful

The process of this idea is very simple.  Get a journal or notebook.  Pick a person or relationship to focus on. Then daily write at least 5 things you are thankful for with the person and Why.  Thank you (name), for (what) OR Dear (name), I’m grateful for  (what)…..  Be sure to get deeper than the obvious things to be thankful for.  Here are some things I have written:


1. Dear Sweetheart, thank you for the way you give me kisses on the forehead. I love them. They make me feel so safe and loved

2. Dear Sweetheart, thank you for being so supportive in anything I want to do and try.  You never discourage me in anything I want to try.  You make me feel like I can take on the world.

3. Thank you honey, for having big dreams for your life.  That encourages me to have big dreams myself.

4. Thank you honey, for the way you tell me I am beautiful.  It means so much.

5.  Thank you sweetheart, for the kind way you treat other people.  You are such a kind and giving person.  I think you make a huge change in the world.

My boyfriend never has seen this journal.  I don’t even think he knows I write it. I do it for myself.  Doing this everyday helps remind me how great my life with him is.  It keeps me focused on the good.  I hardly ever get angry with him anymore.  BUT if I do, I try to make it a habit to read some from my journal.  This helps remind me why he is so wonderful.  That turns my anger into gratitude for how great he is.  Day 15 in The Magic, focuses on doing this practice to heal broken relationships as well.  If your relationship is broken and needs healing, writing down what is good about it will start the healing process.  Being grateful in a bad relationship is SO much harder than being grateful in a good one.  It CAN be done though and it will help start the healing process.  Find good in a bad situation seems like an impossible feat, but it isn’t.  There is good in every single situation.

Make sure you spend a little time every day being thankful for what you have in your life.  Make it a daily practice to write down a few things you are grateful for and WHY.  BUT ALSO REMEMBER, words need to be said.  Words have so much power.  They can save relationships and change lives.  Tell those closet to you that you love them and thank you for all they bring to your life.

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