The Must See List


Television has always been a huge source of entertainment for most all of us throughout time. We have all had our favorite movies or T.V. series as we grew up.  There are several movies that I just loved and couldn’t get enough of. I still watch some of them over and over. Many of the ones I loved are long forgotten, especially by my children’s generation. If I bring up an older movie title, my children look at me as if I just spoke a foreign language. So I decided to compile a list of “older” movies that are a must see for my children. Here is what I came up with so far, a list of 26 MUST SEE movies:

  1. Swiss Family Robinson
  2. Gremlins
  3. Ghost Busters
  4. Jaws
  5. Lost Boys
  6. Raiders of the Lost Ark
  7. James Bond Movies (older ones)
  8. The Princess Bride
  9. Never Ending Story
  10. Star Wars (still a debate on what order to watch in –Order they were made or order of the story?)
  11. Highlander
  12. Top Gun
  13. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  14. Back to the Future
  15. Beetlejuice
  16. The GodFather
  17. Big
  18. MASH (tv series)
  19. Grease
  20. E.T.
  21. Breakfast Club
  22. Sixteen Candles
  23. Blazing Saddles
  24. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
  25. Forrest Gump
  26. Dr. Who (older Doctors)

Additions to the list from my wonderful readers/followers:

27. Labyrinth

28. Jumanji

29. Hook

30. Mrs. Doubtfire

31. Goonies

32. Homeward Bound

33. Little Giants


Please keep in mind that some of these movies are not age appropriate for smaller children. If you wish to share these movie ideas with your children, please see what it is rated first. Do you have any favorites not on the list? Please share below in comments. I keep an ongoing “MUST WATCH” list for my kids and I would love to add more to it.


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