There is a smile at the bottom of the cup

I am pretty sure that a cup of good hot tea can cure almost anything. Hot tea is a big thing in my family. My cousins love all kinds of tea. I am a little more picky. But we all agree that hot tea can cure almost anything. Hot tea can totally relax me. If I am having a stressful day, a cup of hot tea will help me regroup and the stress just melt away. If me or my kids are having issues sleeping, a cup of hot tea will help the sleep mission along. If there are any digestive issues in our family, a cup of hot tea helps things feel more soothing. There are many teas advertised for different medical issues and weight loss. There are teas just for drinking.

One of my all time favorites teas is Tazo Zen tea. I was SO excited when I learned that Starbucks sold Tazo tea. I was even more excited to learn that my all time favorite Starbucks drink, Shaken Green Tea with no syrup and mountain of ice, was merely a Tazo Zen Tea bag with 8oz of hot water over ice. OH MY YUM. My day was made when I learned that. I keep Zen tea on hand.

Everyone has their own reasons for drinking hot tea. My reasons are for the relaxation properties, tummy soothing, sleep helper, and also to give me another low calorie drink to enjoy during my weight loss journey. My cousins drink hot tea for the same reasons, but also add tea for lowering blood pressure. There are thousands of flavors and kinds. I prefer mints, zen, fennel, chamomile and jasmine. Whatever flavor you choose, I am pretty sure, you will find a smile in the bottom of the cup.

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