What does it mean to live an abundant life?

Abundant Life

What does it mean to you to live an abundant life? How can we build a sucessful, happy life?  I would love for all my readers to comment and tell me your thoughts.  I love knowing other’s points of view.  It allows me to see the world through different eyes.  To me, living an abundant life is having a healthy mind, healthy body, and being grateful for the life we have now.  We can achieve these things through:



            Positive Thinking

           Healthy Eating

           Living in Love

          Having Faith and Hope

I also think being more green to help our Earth can help ourselves as well as those around us. I believe that healthy means happy.  We have to be healthy in the body as well as in the mind.  We need to spread love and happiness every where we go.    Remember when you were a child?  We lived happy, care free and played lots.  We need to get back that mentality.  Life is very short.  God create this life for us to be happy and live abundantly.    Be a positive light where ever you are today.  Go out and enjoy your day.

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